SARTCOM License Subscription (Indonesia & International Customers)

SARTCOM License Subscription (Indonesia & International Customers)

Turns your Android phone with dedicated programmable buttons into push-to-talk device by installing SARTCOM APK and become the member. The installation of SARTCOM APK on your Android phone will allows you to call between your group member either from Android phone to other Android phones or Cross Linked from your group’s Android phones to SARTCOM SC-110 devices vice versa depends on your applicable SIMCARD’s  data (Indonesia and International).

Subscription duration :

Indonesia :

3 months : IDR 135.000.- (IDR 45.000.- monthly)
6 months     : IDR 240.000.- (IDR 40.000.- monthly)
9 months    : IDR 315.000.- (IDR 35.000.- monthly)
12 months   : IDR 360.000.- (IDR 30.000.- monthly)

International :

3 months : US$  9,00 (US$ 3,00 monthly)
6 months    : US$ 16,00 (US$ 2,66 monthly)
9 months     : US$ 21,00 (US$ 2,33 monthly)
12 months   : US$ 24,00 (US$ 2,00 monthly)

Terms and Condition :

Minimum subscription : 5 units Android phone.
Subscription Fee exclusive Cellphone's Data charge.
Application will be processed within 2-3 working days.
We will inform you by email if the given information on subscription application form is unclear or when the APK is ready for download.
Payment to be made directly within 2  working days to our Bank account which instructed on the email, please include your code number on the payment message.
Once we received the payment we will send you a login name and password which only can be used for 1 Android phone only and please keep it confidentially.
Please make sure you fill in the Subscription form completely.
We will send you a reminder 7 days prior to the expiration of your subscription for the extension or termination.
If we do not receive any payment after 7 days since the expiration date, your subscription will be terminated automatically.
The Audio quality and communication connection during  transmission is depends on your local operator's cellular network.
Subscription payment is non refundable.
Subscription fee inclusive 10% VAT.

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