Product Integration

SARTCOM Push to Talk App

No matter what your team is doing and where they are, they need to stay focused and get work done. Traditional tools like email, voice calls, and texting can steal focus without making it easier to reach co-workers.

SARTCOM provides reliable push-to-talk communication for teams of any size. Use it on the go with an Android phone, or at a desk with a tablet. Set up your Own groups and business automations in minutes, not days.

Does your phone have a dedicated push-to-talk button? The SARTCOM's App turns your Android phone with dedicated programmable buttons into push-to-talk device. Now communications between your Team become very effective, fast and secured.


  • Create unlimited talk groups
  • Talk directly from the SARTCOM's APP.
  • View team member locations with GPS.
  • Directly message individual team members
  • Connect directly with team members.
  • Communicate securely
SC-110 and Android phone