About Us

About Us

Our Company LADARU SYNERGY pt. is  the Brand Owner and Service provider of 'SARTCOM' communication products dedicated to provide advanced communication system. Our headquarter is based in Jakarta-Indonesia. as the largest Country in Southeast Asia, . We understand that Advanced and Reliable Tele-Communication system is critical for Government and Private users anywhere in the world as well as in Indonesia. Talking about the Country, Indonesia is the largest Archipelagic Country in the world, extending 5,120 km.(3,181 mile) from west to east and 1,760 km.(1,094 mile) from north to south.
The use of conventional LMR (Land Mobile Radio) communication system requires large investment to build the infrastructures but the coverage limitation is still persist.
Looking into this situation, we bring an innovative voice and data communication solution by providing SARTCOM Advanced Push-To-Talk communication system to improve the Workforce Management, Productivity and Performance of any Organizations or Businesses across Indonesia as well as worldwide. International Dealers welcome, Call us today or send us a message.




In the latest generation of telecommunication era, an additional critical system bring online and connected together, this telecommunication devices and system are going to rely even more on simpler, better and more efficient, all in accordance with the “Push-To-Talk over Cellular (PoC) network” paradigm. Smart Tele-communication solutions require smart support from information and communication technology (ICT), which means that the data must be transported optimally from the point of view of performance, cost and sustainability. On this basis  performance and resource utilization, enhance the system attributes and capabilities.

These solutions are provided by SARTCOM to facilitate the Long Distance - SMART AND RELIABLE TELECOMMUNICATION SYSTEM for Organisations accross multiple sectors.

Whatever your requirement size, whatever your Industry or Sector. We have the most advanced and reliable Push-to-Talk system to help keep your Workforce connected and collaborating virtually anywhere business or operation takes you.