6 Bulan – Lisensi Berlangganan

6 Bulan – Lisensi Berlangganan


Sartcom Software License turns your Android phone with dedicated programmable buttons into a secured push-to-talk device. Now communications between your Team become very effective, fast and secured.

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The SARTCOM’s software License Service consists of a hosted web enabled application, data access and storage, wireless network and a variety of wireless applications. Customer is responsible for obtaining and maintaining the software and communications equipment needed to access the SARTCOM Service for six (6) month period.
Each licence allows you to access the SARTCOM’s communication software services on one Cellular phone concurrently. If you need to use the Services on more than one Cellular phone at the same time, you will need to purchase additional licences to equal the number of Cellular phones to be used concurrently.

Customers must provide their own Cellular phones with included activated data SIM card. If Installation is required for other equipment, installation and any associated costs are the sole responsibility of Customer.
Please contact us  for booking process before making any payment.